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SYNOPSIS: Alba is eleven years old. One afternoon, her mother is admitted to the hospital and she has to live with Igor, her father, who she barely knows. Igor’s attempts to get closer to Alba, the girls in her school, and her first kiss serve to propel her path to adolescence and acceptance of her …

El Amparo

SYNOPSIS At  the  end  of  the  80’s,  by  the  creeks  of  the  Arauca  River, nearthe Colombian-Venezuelan  border,  two  men  survived  the  brutality  of  a shooting  in  which  14 of  their  mates  were  killed.  They  claimedto  be  mere fishermen, but the Venezuelan army accusedthem to be guerrilla fighters, intimidatingthem  in  every  possible  way  and  even  attemptingto  …


Conoce los lugares de la ciudad de Cracovia, donde se desarrolla el Festival Kino Latino.